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Furniture First provides our members with value-added business services – advantages typically available only to major retail chains. Benefits include rebates, discounts, merchandising, consumer financing, private labels, communications and networking.


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    America's Best Furniture Retailers

    “We joined Furniture First to take advantage of the extra discounts and rebates! However, the information available through networking and the exchange of ideas with fellow retailers is worth the cost of Membership alone – many of America’s best furniture retailers are Members of Furniture First and I’m glad we’re able to associate and learn from them!”

    Randy Coconis - Coconis Furniture
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    Best thing we ever did

    “We have been in the furniture business for 34 years and the #1, absolutely best thing we ever did was join Furniture First.”

    Riley Griffiths - Riley's Furniture
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    Exceeded our expectations

    “We joined Furniture First with the intention of saving money via rebates and discounts, but it has also exceeded our expectations with streamlining our operations due mainly to networking with other dealers at our Symposiums.”

    Bob White - Godwin’s Furniture
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    A Whole New World

    “Furniture First opened a ‘whole new world’ of financial rewards, networking relationships, ideas and products. As Members we are part of a big family intent on every store’s success.”

    Larry Barnes - Larry Barnes
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    The Marketplace is Changing

    “The very best we get out of the group is the relationships we’ve developed and the trust and the willingness to help each other. Also, the management of Furniture First is very good at stretching us and taking us out of our comfort zone. Even though our company has been there 67 years, they remind us that we need to shape up because the marketplace is changing.”

    Dean Swanson - Ernie's in Ceresco
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    Increased Our Sales

    “Throughout the years, we have increased our sales and our bottom line as a result of outstanding buys, advertising ideas, rebates, circulars, tools such as our website and merchandising. We also feel very fortunate to have developed true friendships and terrific networking sources. The Membership and staff of Furniture First are made up of the finest people in the furniture industry and make us proud to be associated with this group.”

    Karen Shaul - Sylvan Furniture
Furniture First is geographically exclusive by representation. This means that our Members are typically not in direct competition with one another and allows them to share information, ideas and strategies.
Member Benefits

Rebates & Discounts

Rebates are the cornerstone of Furniture First. Our merchandising staff negotiates rebates in good faith with our Supplier Partners for a percentage of Member purchases made with that specific supplier.

Mattress 1st

Furniture First’s private label mattress program is Mattress 1st.  This exclusive Members Only program is designed as a promotional line-up of mattress sets is a perfect compliment to sell higher priced brands.

Marketing Services

It’s hard to be an expert at everything.  Furniture First does the research and homework for our Members, vetting vendors and checking references for marketing and business services.