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Furniture First provides our members with value-added business services – advantages typically available only to major retail chains. Benefits include rebates, discounts, merchandising, consumer financing, private labels, communications and networking.


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    America's Best Furniture Retailers

    “We joined Furniture First to take advantage of the extra discounts and rebates! However, the information available through networking and the exchange of ideas with fellow retailers is worth the cost of Membership alone – many of America’s best furniture retailers are Members of Furniture First and I’m glad we’re able to associate and learn from them!”

    Randy Coconis - Coconis Furniture
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    Exceeded Our Expectations

    “We joined Furniture First with the intention of saving money via rebates and discounts, but it has also exceeded our expectations with streamlining our operations due mainly to networking with other dealers at our Symposiums.”

    Bob White - Godwin’s Furniture
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    The Marketplace is Changing

    “The very best we get out of the group is the relationships we’ve developed and the trust and the willingness to help each other. Also, the management of Furniture First is very good at stretching us and taking us out of our comfort zone. Even though our company has been there 67 years, they remind us that we need to shape up because the marketplace is changing.”

    Dean Swanson - Ernie's in Ceresco
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    Gotten Stronger

    “Our little company has only gotten stronger and wiser since joining FF. I feel that we have gained generations of industry knowledge and have really taken a leap forward in front of our competition. Thanks FF staff and family.”

    Brian Morgan - Austin Couch Potatoes
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    Best Investment

    “Joining Furniture First is one of the best investments that we, as an independent furniture dealer, have made. It puts us on a level playing field with multi-store operations because we are able to purchase merchandise at the same price. It also opens you up to a world of vendors that you would never have shopped or heard of otherwise. Furniture First staff always have an open ear and give advice in the dealer’s best interest. It is nice to belong to an organization that cares.”

    Lester Gorin - Gorin's Furniture
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    It's a Family

    “One of the best things about being a member of Furniture First is that it’s a family. Anytime we have any issues regarding merchandising or advertising or any other area, all we have to do is pick up the phone and call. There’s a knowledgeable staff available to us. They’ve been an excellent resource to us.”

    Pam Miller - Miller Furniture
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    Always Helping Me

    “It seems like they are always helping me and the other members every day of the week. great people and management! I have learned so much being associated with this gang.”

    Richard Dunhoff - Weis Furniture
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    “Grateful to be part of the Furniture First family. The staff of Furniture First are first class, and every vendor partner and retail member I have met have been super helpful. Proud 9 year member of Furniture First!”

    Kenny Kemper - Kemper Home Furnishings
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    One of the Best Decisions

    “Joining Furniture 1st has been one of the best decision I have made for my furniture business. Thank you Furniture 1st!”

    Jack Steger - Steger's Furniture
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    Best in the Country

    “Every interaction that I have with another Furniture First member gives me a piece of gold that I can use in my business. The membership represents the best in the country of business people who are plugged into their business and giving it their all. That’s who I want to hang out with and hear from.”

    Beckey Waldrop - Miller Waldrop Furniture
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    “Kittle’s joined Furniture First in 2018 and could not be happier with our decision. The bench-marking, support resources available, willingness of members to share, and professionalism of the Furniture First staff all validate the wisdom of our decision to become part of the Furniture First family.”

    Eric Easter - Kittle's Furniture
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    Extraordinary Buying Power

    “Having access to like-minded furniture retailers across the country tied in with Extraordinary BUYING POWER for products and services, is our Furniture First advantage.”

    Ron & Pete Cardi - Cardi's Furniture
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    Extraordinary Buying Power

    “The partnership, buying power, discounts, guidance, mentoring, etc. have been the best decision we have made to improve our success. I would encourage any dealer who wants to succeed to become a member.”

    Jason Wilson - Wilson Furniture
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    Best Decision

    “Joining Furniture First has been one of the best business decisions I have made. The membership connections and friendships have been invaluable. The Furniture First staff are the best! And, a rebate check for doing what I already do is a bonus.”

    Bobby Infinger - Infinger Furniture
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    “The things we value most about Furniture First is the Bulletin Board and the other opportunities you provide that help us network. The staff is always available to answer our questions re: new vendors, policies, etc… Keep up the good work! Oh yes and the rebates are nice too!”

    David Chesness - Lake Country Furniture
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    Retail Support

    “Furniture First offers savings that are not other wise available on wide variety of brands. Additionally they keep current on many other functions, helping retailers wade through all the options available. They offer as much support as a retailer is interested in taking advantage of.”

    Leslie Whitehouse - Cherry House Furniture Galleries
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    Membership Pays for Itself

    “JUST DO IT!
    It’s hard to run any business on an island.
    Membership will pay for itself with rebates and exposure to credit card and finance terms, but the real value is the interaction with other retailers who have the same challenges, and a forum to connect and discuss how others solve those challenges.”

    Louis Slone - Slone Brother's Furniture
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    Industry Access

    “By joining Furniture First, it allows you to access detailed industry information and buying opportunities from a national level.”

    Scott Selden - Selden's Designer Home Furnishings
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    “What would I tell someone considering joining Furniture First?
    I would want them to experience symposium and all of the wonderful members and networking.
    Our incredible relationship with our vendors and partners. The quarterly rebate that I left off the table for years prior to ever hearing about Furniture First.”

    Chris Cooley - Michael Alan Home Furnishings
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    Stronger Together

    “Margaret Mead said it best- Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has. Stronger together.”

    The quarterly rebate that I left of the table for years prior to ever hearing about Furniture First.”

    Richard Gregory - Home+FloorShow
Furniture First is geographically exclusive by representation. This means that our Members are typically not in direct competition with one another and allows them to share information, ideas and strategies.
Member Benefits

Rebates & Discounts

Rebates are the cornerstone of Furniture First. Our merchandising staff negotiates rebates in good faith with our Supplier Partners for a percentage of Member purchases made with that specific supplier.

Mattress 1st

Furniture First’s private label mattress program is Mattress 1st.  This exclusive Members Only program is designed as a promotional line-up of mattress sets is a perfect compliment to sell higher priced brands.

Marketing Services

It’s hard to be an expert at everything.  Furniture First does the research and homework for our Members, vetting vendors and checking references for marketing and business services.